hear stail for schoolgirls


 hear stail for schoolgirls


Braided hairstyles are most suitable for schoolgirls. It gives a neat and polished look and works great as a school hairstyle.

  How to braid: 

• Take the front part of the hair and separate 3 strands. Then braid it in the usual way.


 • Hold the three strands one by one using your left hand.


 • Hold the thread in your right hand and tie it to the straight thread. Take the right strand to be in the middle and the middle strand to be on the right.


 • Using your right hand, hold the strands to separate them as we did the first time. 


• Take a thread in your left hand and tie it to the leftmost thread. 


• Next, take the left strand in the middle and the middle strand on the left, making sure all strands of hair are tight. 


• Then continue with the rest of the hair to obtain a French braid at the end, tight with the need to tie it with an elastic at the end to make sure that it does not break.




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