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Today we address a problem that many of those trying to maintain elegant skin and preserve their beauty suffer from, which is the expansion of the pores of the skin.
  It is considered one of the most prominent problems that the skin suffers from, especially oily skin, and thus the expansion of pores leads to pimples and acne Due to the accumulation of lipids, the incorrect use of cosmetic products that do not suit the skin, and the use of types of cosmetics The shoddy and also not removing the make-up. the right way.  
I am looking for a way to remove MAKUP remover

The most concerned with this problem are men. The reason is due to the appearance of blackheads, and when removing these blackheads in an incorrect way, it opens the pores more.

Find a way to remove blackheads

Therefore, the skin needs to be cleaned permanently and continuously to renew cells and clean the pores




The perfect solution to this problem due to its absolute effectiveness, as it is a whitening treatment and a pore treatment at the same time and is also a clogging of pores and reduces the pores of the nose. REDUCE PORES ON NOSE 

it's also a good makeup fixer


How to use it

Biodarma should be used once or twice a day


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